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November 2017

Benefits of being a Vegetarian by Helen Sanders, who loves her meat as well…

The benefits of being a vegetarian are always a hot topic of debate and discussion when we talk about eating healthy. I’m no vegetarian and really do love my meat. But every once in a while, I go vegetarian to cleanse my body. However, whenever I hear of people turning into vegetarians for life, I [...]

August 2017

20 Bienfaits pour la santé de Vegan, selon Science (+6 Recettes délicieuses) par Jen Reviews

A plant-based diet is increasingly becoming recognized as a healthier alternative to a diet laden with meat. In recent years veganism has become one of the most popular diets, endorsed by many celebrities and members of the medical community. Going vegan has many benefits for us and our environment. Here are 20 of the most [...]

August 2016

Kundalini Kriya Yog Retraite

A lovely and memorable WE Re-treat 7th edition was concluded on the last weekend of August 2016. With a full house group coming from far areas, sharing one spirit through out the whole weekend to become one with self. The diversity of the group was incredible, Germans, Polish, French and Indian but the union was [...]

July 2016

Classique Yoga Retraite

WE Re-Treat for July 2016 was another incredible weekend with Surya Kriya initiation by Isha Foundation team. Weekend kicked-of pleasantly with an introduction to Isha Surya Kriya, Ayurvedic vegetarian meals, accomodation in 5 billion star hotel, shower and toilet with a wonderful experience in eco-sustainable manner, walk down to La Siagne river and dip, music jamming session, [...]

June 2016

Karma Food Yoga retraites

WE Re-treat episode 1 for the season 2016 has kickstarted with a wonderful program, wonderful professor, wonderful participants, wonderful location, wonderful chef and her food and everything wonderful. WE Association in partnership with Karma Food have had a wonderful weekend with beautiful people. Thanks to Govinda Cortier, Grégoire Canovas, Pabida Bouy, Eve Dau Seven, Roland Daumesnil, Sylvie Colchique. You are WE Family. WE [...]