About Us

From earth to you

Karma Food is a collective initiative of a young couple to ensure organic, healthy and nutritious food is savored.
Our ambition is to feed conscious nutrition by transparent practices of healthy food making. We use mostly local products, organic vegetables, traditional/classical spices, exotic vegetables for some dishes, super foods and all that are coming from earth.

“Conscious Nutrition goes beyond food as a source of energy, it even goes beyond nutrition for Health and Healing. It is about using food as a tool for Personal and Planetary Transformation”

Our chef Govinda is a foodie and always took pleasure in feeding people. In fact one of her biggest ambitions is to feed people with simple recipes that are rich in nutrition values. Coming from a French/Indonesian household that enjoyed cooking; food experiments were naturally a part of her childhood and has grown up making the fusion of east/west recipes. Sachin, born in India comes with a comprehensive insight into ayurvedic, yogic and the spiritual essence of food; contributes to the team with his principle of ‘conscious nutrition’ and ‘food as medicine’. This combination of both passion and experience makes Karma Food a Karma Good project.
Taste yourself and be the judge.

For us, Health is the real Luxury! And cooking is one of our active meditation!