WE Re-Treat for July 2016 was another incredible weekend with Surya Kriya initiation by Isha Foundation team. Weekend kicked-of pleasantly with an introduction to Isha Surya Kriya, Ayurvedic vegetarian meals, accomodation in 5 billion star hotel, shower and toilet with a wonderful experience in eco-sustainable manner, walk down to La Siagne river and dip, music jamming session, welcoming new chicks coming out of a hen the same morning and playing with the little buddha coming to our retreat with his pure baby energy. It is another rich weekend to re treat self with new meetings and sharings with amazing people coming from London, Swiss and France. Once again, this association is possible because of all, WE make this possible. Yet again WE have succeeded in Engaging>Empowering>Evolving collectively. Thank you lovely people. See you for another re-treat.Thank you Tamara, Marion, Manuela, John,  Karma Food Marie Rischmann Govinda Cortier Dewi Cortier Agrawal Grégoire Canovas Sophie Gras Bryn Lawrence Roberts-Todd Eve Dau Seven Roland Daumesnil https://www.facebook.com/weassociations/photos/?tab=album&album_id=546807788853884